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Not Knowing

The last few tid bits posted were on the medical side of things. Today I was reading a beautiful magazine called Spirituality and Health. There was two articles that really peaked my interest and I am just into the 1st 26 pages.

The 1st article was written by Rabbi Rami Shapio. This question was asked, " Which #spiritual book would you recommend for beginner seeker of truth?" His recommendation is a blank book. He gave 3 steps to this book and the outcome is being in a state of not knowing; having your mind open, empty, and free as a blank page.

For the past 4 years or more I read a book called The Book of Not Knowing by Peter #Ralston. It's amazing going beyond spirituality and realizing we know absolutely nothing. Freeing ourselves of expecting to know relieves so much stress in our lives and we begin to authentically listen to others with openness. Reading this article today just showed me the importance of this little bit of information as we continually learn from all that is around us.

The other article written by Maria Shriver really ties into this philosophy. The word PAUSE. What does pause truly mean? The dictionary states n. " a short break: v. "to stop for a short period if time". In my opinion one of the steps to truly understand the philosophy of not knowing one must pause. Our brains in today's society is in a constant race. Thoughts spin around in overdrive causing us not to genuinely hear and see what is around us.

We as humans have a tendency to want to be heard, for one to hear our thoughts. We need to learn how to 'PAUSE' and understand the philosophy of not knowing to continually learn, enjoy what is around us, and to become balanced #mentally, #physically, and #spiritually.

Now, is this easy to do..... of course not! Or we would live in a perfect world - without war, prejudice, discrimination, and the word HATE.

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