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You Deserve to Feel Good

Massage therapy that empowers you to be the best version of yourself.


What would you be capable of if you had the power to understand exactly what your mind and body need for you to achieve your full potential? Think of the level of success you could achieve, the happiness you could find and the peace you'd discover at the end of every day.

Understanding your body and the unique ways it works is the first step and it's our job to act as a translator between your body and mind.

We believe that with each massage begins the path of healing within oneself. Whether you are recovering form injury, seeking stress relief, or simply looking for a little self-care, our highly-specialized therapists are here to help you transform healthcare into a meaningful ritual-just like the name "Parikrama" implies.

Hi, I'm Terina

Caring for people was a passion of mine long before I made it my career. Despite navigating a chaotic life of my own, I always seemed to be the person my family and friends would come to for advice or support.

Years later, I found myself at a crossroads in life. I left my corporate job with a dream of working for myself. After a year of struggling to find my passion, my kids suggested I take up massage therapy. It was then I realized that I could turn my passion for helping others into a career.

If you've ever been on my table, you know that I have a big passion for life. And it's my mission to help you feel the same way. No matter what kind of pain, injury, or health condition you come to me with, I promise to not only treat it- but to help you feel that same passion for living again.

Are you ready to feel your best?

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