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Hi, my name is Terina

 the founder of

Parikrama Massage & Wellness Inc.


How did I begin this journey? 

Hitting a cross road in life is very scary but I took the leap of faith & left my career. A year being unemployed my wonderful children & son-in-law helped me turn on a very powerful light bulb. While trying to guide my son into a healing field, my daughter suggested I should consider the massage industry. I took a step back & realized how wonderful this would be to bring all I have learned through my life's journey & begin helping those around me.


The first year in this industry was amazing as I helped individuals truly feel good about themselves physically, mentally, & spiritually. My heart fills with warmth as I truly know this is where I am supposed to be.

Why Parikrama?

While I was working part-time in my first year studies a wonderful fellow proposed “Parikrama”. I was contemplating on a few names but nothing hit my heart like Parikrama. Not understanding what Parikrama meant, I began to research. Buddhists refer Parikrama as the path around. Together with the Greek & Latin meaning equal sequence of events, genuinely describes the intentions of massage that begins the path of healing within oneself.