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Lower Back Pain

Hip Flexors is one of the reasons for lower back pain. When recognizing hip flexors for being the culprit for back pain you must first ask yourself this question....... Should I be stretching them or strengthening them? There are 5 muscles that flex the hip. They are: 1) Flex the hip 90 degrees - Tesor Fasciae Latae, Rectus Femoris, & Sartorius 2) Flex the hip above 90 degrees - Psoas Major & Minor & Iliacus. Psoas and Iliacus attach to the lumbar spine and when they are tight or weak will cause the lower back pain. We test the flexibility and strength of the flexors to to find out two factors: 1) is there more of a Rectus Femoris tightness when testing the flexibiltiy & 2) if there is cramping on the side of the hip when testing the strength. It is imperative to know whether your hip flexors are tight or weak. If you stretch your hip flexors and they are weak you will make your symptoms worse. If you are experiencing low back pain come see us today so we can help you relieve your lower back pain. Book online at or call 780.340.9196


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